Eating out 101

Eating out is stressful sometimes when you’re trying to go waste free. I can’t even go to some places in Anchorage because the servers bring water to the table with a straw already in it before I can even ask. That really grinds my gears. Middle Way CafĂ© never lets me down. Many of the togo containers they use are compostable and eco-friendly but they will still go further for zero waste! I asked for my sandwich without the wax paper and little plastic cup for salsa. It’s as simple as that; you just gotta ask for no plastic with your lunch and restaurants can figure out a way to accommodate. If they don’t, you don’t want to eat there anyway.

Keep inconveniencing people until they change their habits to no plastic.

Middle Way will always have my business because of this – and the vegan avocado melt is to die for!