a little about myself, the writer

I am Carly, a fourth year Liberal Studies major, writing concentration, and Business Administration minor at Alaska Pacific University.


During my free time (oh that elusive phrase), I usually catch up on sleep and be silly with my boyfriend, Corey – the handsome fella with arm muscles.


adventures with Corey


more adventures with Corey

My project began as a directed study in environmental ethics and is now the focus of my senior thesis. The zero waste strategy I developed is meant to help eliminate single-use plastics that become a toxic hazard, reduce trash consumption, and ultimately just be aware of the ethical issues that jeopardize our environment when we recklessly dispose of waste. Before anyone becomes discouraged; remember that zero-waste is just not entirely possible. However, our society should move toward reusables and not support the manufacturing that creates waste as an end product.

Through the project I’m figuring out what is feasible when it comes to this lifestyle. There are some habits I have mastered but I am not even close to finished. Right now, I am developing a business model for a package-free bulk food store in Anchorage and the ideas are rolling in! Feel free to reach out anytime.