Did you know you can send your waste through the mail?

No, I’m not talking about revenge or some high school prank. It’s for the “non recyclables” like pens and plastic gloves in hopes of diverting them from the landfill. The company, TerrraCycle, will send you whatever size box you request and take it back full of waste. Once they receive your full box, they go through the waste and properly recycle the materials. There are some normal restrictions, of course, but they pay for your box to be shipped back to them and do all the leg work.

Check out their website in my credit to the geniuses page! It’s at the bottom with other links to resources.

Yesterday I was at a conference on Environmental Management and the DEC had awesome handouts about solid waste and landfills. This info on TerraCycle’s Zero Waste Box was one of many sources I took home and I plan to share with you soon! Check back later!


some photos from the conference



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