zero-waste breakfast smoothie

Good morning my fellow wasteland rebels! People have been throwing a lot of exciting questions at me regarding nutrition so I decided to take a break from the bathroom, hallelujah amiright? Nutrition is a sensitive subject in general and there are so many variables that go into our diet and why we eat the way that we do.

First thing is first: a diet is essentially the total of food and drink that an individual habitually consumes. Over the years of research on nutrition, we have created consumption tactics such as the vegetarian diet, weight control diet, crash diet, and detox diet. The list goes on and breaks down to more extensive eating plans. People diet the way they do because of medical reasons, ethical beliefs, and some simply for convenience. I don’t quite have all the research needed to discuss the best way of eating – and every body is different. As much as I’d like to open up the conversation to dietetics and nutrition, I am just going to stick to the most environmentally friendly ways to be healthy.

My plan is to someday post all of my favorite recipes but until then, let me share with you a yummy, zero-waste recipe for a kick-ass start to the day.

In a blender:

1 scoop Vega plant-based protein powder

1 frozen banana

1 ½ cup unsweetened almond milk

1 Tbsp chia seeds

1-2 Tbsp Adams natural peanut butter

These are ingredients already in my home that I have been trying to use up before making them on my own. Vega is a plant-based protein powder that is very nutrient dense. I bought the vanilla flavor from Costco a while back but it does come in a plastic container. (Container is a 1PET; recyclable in Alaska). For now, I use Adams Natural Peanut Butter. It has the extra fats and proteins my body craves in the morning. Adams promotes a healthy lifestyle and sells their product in glass jars – easier to recycle or reuse. Stay tuned for how to make almond milk and almond butter!


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