Zero-waste deodorant/antiperspirant

Did you know that within your morning routine you’re likely to be exposed to thousands of toxins? Many of these harmful chemicals are hiding in your shampoos, soaps, and beauty products. The biggest culprits are products used by both men and women: deodorant and antiperspirants. Although they are sold separately, many deodorants include antiperspirant chemicals. Sweat is your body’s natural secretion of toxins but the chemicals found in antiperspirants will clog your skin follicles and inhibit this cleansing process. Most deodorants contain aluminum compounds to assist as a plug within the sweat ducts. They are probably the most destructive additive among the many and just like parabens they can seep into the body. This could possibly cause hormonal imbalances and has been linked to breast cancer. And, what do you know; these deodorants come packaged perfectly in non-recyclable plastic containers. At my local grocery store, deodorant takes up about 5 shelves, 10 feet wide. There are so many different scents – one for the black dress, one for the gym, and so much waste. I have been an athlete my entire life, so I am just as guilty as being totally reliant on deodorant. But not anymore! I found an amazing, zero-waste way to make my own deodorant with natural ingredients.

As promised, my favorite DIY deodorant recipe:

Mix a generous scoop of cornstarch with an equally generous scoop of baking soda

Add a few drops of Melaleuca essential oil

Apply with a powder puff or use your hand

Store in airtight jar

I like to dab a bit of coconut oil on my fingers before applying to my body. It makes it a bit less powdery and softer on the skin. Cornstarch and baking soda may be purchased just about anywhere in recyclable, cardboard/glass containers. My preferred essential oil is Melaleuca or lavender. Any oil with purifying properties would work. Melaleuca and tea tree have a drying effect required for deodorant alternatives but could also be used topically to clear up acne and oily hair. doTerra is my company of choice when it comes to essential oils and almost all my clean living necessities. I have a wonderful doTerra advocate if anyone is really interested! They ship in cardboard boxes upon request and their glass containers are wrapped in bubble wrap – which is actually recyclable if all the bubbles are popped!


Information on toxins link to breast cancer


Melaleuca by doTerra


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