the bathroom; a plastic massacre

Okay, okay, massacre is a dramatic word. And no one really wants to talk about the bathroom but what I’m focused on is the shampoo, body lotion, deodorant sticks, and other beauty products that clutter your counters and fill your shower – not to mention all the toxic cleaning supplies in the cabinet below (but that’s a different blog post). These products are all packaged in plastic and usually cannot be recycled.

Anyone who knows me will agree that I don’t wash my hair as much as most women. Okay, as much as I should… Let’s be real here; I don’t wash my hair – like ever. What that really means is about once every couple of weeks. The fact is that washing your hair is stripping it from the natural oils that protect it. Then we turn around and put conditioner back into our hair to replace the organic material we just pulled from it. And guess what? All of these products are coming from a nice, big plastic bottle.

I replaced my shampoo with a shampoo bar purchased at my local soap shop. Believe it or not, this bar – which was purchased without plastic wrapping – replaced about 8 plastic bottles in my bathroom. As far as conditioner goes; lose it. I tried just the soap, with no rinse, for a while and my hair became very coarse and unruly. The dread look doesn’t bother me however, so I kept it. If you need the smooth look, try a shampoo bar and rinse ends with a small amount of coconut oil. Take the shampoo bar straight to your scalp along your face line until it lathers. Rub through your hair – getting the ends isn’t necessary because you want the oil to stay at your ends to prevent breaking. Completely rinse the shampoo out like normal.

Try whatever you try at least 3 – 5 times, depending on your patience. It takes a while for your hair to adapt to new products and for you to find the right quantity for each use. Another rinse that was recommended to me is 1 tbl spoon of pure apple cider vinegar and mix with about a cup of your shower water. Again, rinse mostly from the ends of your hair and up. In Anchorage, I recommend Denali Dreams for all soap purchases. Replace your plastic pump hand soap with pure, handcrafted soap that is sold without wrappers. They have all sorts of bathroom goodies there! Not only are you avoiding unnatural products that your body absorbs, but you are supporting local businesses!

Instead of buying hair serum try using a dab of olive or coconut oil. Both these products can be purchased in glass containers and used for many different things including body moisturizer. This is only my first look at the bathroom so stay tuned for more! Again, comments and questions are welcome! Keep the inspiration coming!


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