Welcome to the journey!

Welcome to my journey toward sustainable living! Week 1 of my zero-waste project is research. This includes becoming familiar with government policy, product recyclability, and consumer education.

The majority of the U.S. would agree that recycling is good and litter is bad. What people do not realize, however, is that our country actually has an addiction to trash- and it’s becoming an epidemic. Plastic is the most detrimental to our environment and makes up 90 percent of marine trash. After polluting our ocean, the plastic will breakdown into tiny particles called micro-plastics. These particles make us susceptible to bioaccumulation when they are ingested by fish and enter the food chain.

My method of attacking the problem at hand is to implement a zero-waste lifestyle. By doing so, I will reduce my trash consumption and still employ a functional routine.

Most importantly; I am only beginning! I am a student at a private liberal arts university, here in Anchorage, Alaska. Like you all, I am trying to save the planet while on a tight budget. We are all busy too; I work full-time at a local restaurant and brewery. So please don’t get discouraged because this lifestyle IS possible for all of us! Follow me along the way.

Contact me for advice or questions!


One thought on “Welcome to the journey!

  1. My daughter Carly has a blog about something close to her heart: recycling and environmental cleanliness. I’m sure I give her a brain ache when she sees some of the things at my home and the way I live that could easily be more environmentally friendly. She always points out healthy alternatives and I listen. Long live planet earth.


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